Oral Surgery Preserve Your Smile With Surgery
  • Save yourself a trip to a specialist’s office
  • Benefit from Dr. Hamada’s decades of experience
  • Relieve pain & maintain your oral health

Oral Surgery in San Jose, CA

No one likes to think about having dental surgery performed. However, there may come a day when you find yourself needing it. If your smile could benefit from oral surgery in San Jose, Hamada Family Dentistry is the place to go. Dr. Jason Hamada has practiced dentistry for decades, so your smile will be in excellent hands with his skills. His treatment can help you:

  • Stop the pain of a damaged or diseased tooth
  • Protect the overall health of your mouth
  • Prevent the need for more invasive dental care
  • Prepare your jaw to receive dental implants and replacement teeth

Call Hamada Family Dentistry today at 669-201-8896 for an appointment. Visit a team with a calming, soothing staff for your surgical procedure. We’re conveniently located on Lexann Avenue, not far from Target.

Trust Your Surgery to Our Expertise

Dental surgery can be necessary for certain dental conditions that require specialized treatment. Two oral surgery procedures that we routinely perform are tooth removal and bone grafts:

  • Tooth Removal – Sometimes a tooth needs to be removed due to severe decay, damage, infection, or overcrowding. During tooth removal, Dr. Hamada will numb the area with local anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure. Then he will gently and carefully extract the tooth. In some cases, stitches may be needed to help the healing process.
  • Bone Grafts – Bone grafts are performed to help restore bone structure in the jaw. This procedure is commonly done in preparation for dental implants or to repair areas of bone loss caused by gum disease or trauma. During a bone graft, a small piece of bone, either from your body or a synthetic source, is placed in the affected area. Over the course of a few months, the graft material stimulates new bone growth. This creates a stronger foundation for  implants and improves jaw structure.

If you need oral surgery in San Jose, call Hamada Family Dentistry today at 669-201-8896 for a consultation. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When would I need oral surgery?

Tooth extraction is often needed if a tooth is too damaged to repair or if it is damaging your other teeth. In some cases, you need to have teeth removed to make room for dentures or another dental restoration. If necessary, we’ll recommend a bone graft to ensure your jaw is strong enough to support dental implants.

When can I exercise after oral surgery?

For the first 24 hours after your oral surgery, you should not exercise at all. Doing too much too fast can actually create problems and prolong healing. Overexertion can loosen the blood clot from an extraction site and cause a painful condition known as dry socket. After the first 24 hours, limit your exercise to low-impact activities for several more days.

How can I prepare for oral surgery?

You’ll need to avoid smoking for at least 12 hours prior to oral surgery (and 24 hours after). We perform most oral surgeries using only local anesthesia, so you’ll be able to enjoy a light meal several hours beforehand. We’ll give you more specific instructions. It’s a good idea to take off work or school for at least a day or two, depending on the kind of surgery you receive.