Patients Reviews

The team was very friendly & welcoming. I am new & had trouble finding the place & the staff talked me through on how to find the office. I appreciate the team giving their best feedback & letting me know the best ways to preserve my teeth health. I will for sure recommend this spot to others & my coworkers.
Prescilla G. | Nov 28, 2022
My Grandma, Has been looking for a good dentist in the South Bay Area and we were lucky enough to find the Hamada Family dentistry. So glad that my grandmother can smile again. Thank you!
Inocencia G. | Nov 08, 2022
Thank You!!
Inocencia G. | Nov 01, 2022
Very kind and very attentive folks.I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks
Donald B. | Oct 22, 2022
Haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years and I’ve never really liked the dentist but my experience was totally good! He made me feel very comfortable and his assistant as well! They made sure to explain stuff to me and the procedures! OVERALL BEST EXPERIENCE
Karol H. | Oct 12, 2022
outstanding service !!!
Todd R. | Oct 07, 2022
Best Dentist. Awesome care.
David S. | Oct 05, 2022
Very friendly staff and Dr.Hamada and his dental assistant did a great job as always!
Katie C. | Oct 01, 2022
I’ve always had a great experience with Dr. Hamada and his team, they always put me at ease when any treatment has to be done. I would highly recommend them to anybody that’s looking for a dentist with the utmost attention to detail and care for their patients will being. Bernardo Grijalva
Bernardo G. | Sep 20, 2022
I haven't been to a dentist in about 8-10 years. Like many, i had a bad experience at a previous clinic and was put off on visiting another dental clinic. I broke a tooth and wanted to see if the damage would a major concern. Dr. Hamada walked me through everything perfectly and explained the whole process/reasoning. The procedures done were done smoothly and i was checked on frequently. Dr. Hamada and his team ( Mary, Sabrina, Amy, and Andrew) have renewed my trust in dental clinics. I assure anyone scared/nervous about seeing the dentist or looking for professional care to give them a try.
Henry M. | Aug 05, 2022
What a wonderful experience I had at Dr Hamada Family Dentistry, thank you for your help. Each time I came you have always been welcoming and on time. It’s been calming down smiles from entrance to finish as they worked on my dental problems putting me at ease,because I fear and stress out at the dentist. Now I can say no fear and anxiety.
Flavor D. | Jul 12, 2022
I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Dr. Hamada from a family member over 6 years ago. I've been treated by several dentist through the years with failing results. this is why it's reassuring, knowing the extensive experience and training Dr. Hamada has is a testament that I'm being treated by one of the finer professionals in the area. This combined with his thoughtful staff and gentle care always puts me at ease every time I visit. Bernardo Grijalva
Bernardo G. | Apr 29, 2022
I showed up 10 min early & was attended to, immediately; good. The Dr. was informative & friendly; good. The assistant was not clear, when She wanted me to open or close my mouth, one time She tapped my chin & I guess that meant to close my mouth, it would be more clear, other times She would verbalize it - suggestion: if She or the Dr. would go over the instructions for this, Before all the activity begins, the experience would be better. I was left unattended for a while, as my crown was being completed, I needed to spit at least 3 times & used the waste basket nearby, I needed to use the restroom, so I asked someone where it was.
Luis B. | Apr 16, 2022
Dr. Hamada and his staff are always very nice and professional - they make dental appointments a pleasure!
Kris N. | Apr 15, 2022
Dr Hamada is very knowledgeable and experience in his field. He is friendly and nice. He has patience to answer all of my the questions. I have had two crowns implanted without any side effects lately. I have severe anxiety disorder and was very scared to go to see dentist before. But Dr Hamada made me feel relax and comfortable. His staff are all nice and efficient. I have TMJ problems with two teeth missing, I am gonna have two dental implants in two weeks. Though I am scared, I have confident that Dr Hamada will do the nice job for me.
Connie L. | Apr 13, 2022
I just received dental insurance through medicare but it's HMO so I've decided to stay with Dr Hamada office. Staff is always professional and DDS is very accommodating.
Elizabeth M. | Mar 28, 2022
Dr. Hamada and his team provides exemplary professional dental care with great customer service.
Edmund M. | Jan 12, 2022
Dr Hamada's office staff are extremely professional and very friendly... I have recommended my entire family to him.
Elizabeth M. | Jan 05, 2022
My experience with Hamada dentistry has been outstanding and very professional. I would recommend anyone who needs dental care to Dr. Hamada and his awesome team.
Keith N. | Dec 06, 2021